Counter Strike Source or Counter Strike Global Offensive – Fire in the Hole

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Counter Strike Source or Counter Strike Global Offensive – Fire in the Hole

What is difference between Counter Strike Source vs Global Offensive?

Counter Strike series is very popular in the early 2000s. This was the first series that hit esports. It started as a mod for Half Life afterwards turn into a full game. Hidden Path Entertainment and Valve Corporation help developed both Counter Strike series. Counter Strike spawn sequels and spinoffs because of the community. I will be talking about two Counter Strike games Source and Global Offensive. Each game plays the same and one of them excels. I will talk both games apart and digest them piece by piece. For those, who are familiar with Counter Strike. Counter Strike main goal is two different members of a team. Depending on which side you play as. There are different methods to win the game.

Counter Strike Source menu

Disarming bombs, rescuing hostages and immobilizing enemy team. Player’s could issues orders and buy weapons. There are different types of weapons such as SMG, pistols, grenades and many more. There are two types of teams. Counter terrorists and terrorists, which are the major team in the game. Counter Strike Source doesn’t offer a lot of game modes. The only game mode is creating and play online servers. Player’s could play on the gamepad or keyboard. There is a rumor you could add bots into a server. I have Counter Strike Source on Steam but can’t get around that. Counter Strike uses Source Engine like Team Fortress Classic and Half-Life. Source doesn’t have level up system like Global Offensive.

Counter Strike Source gameplay

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Menu Screen

What is my thoughts?

Counter Strike Global Offensive is a updated version of Source. CSGO offers more game mode and matchmaking capabilities. Terrorists and counter terrorists are back from Source. Weapons are restated from Source game. Player’s choose eight game modes Competitive, Casual, Deathmatch, Arms Race, Demolition, Wingman, Flying Scoutsman, and Weapons Course. The game’s objective doesn’t change but modified in CSGO. Wingman is two-on-two bomb defuse. Flying Scoutsman is a low gravity and Arm Race that’s all about upgrading. Valve implemented Anti-Cheat to prevent player’s from cheating. Counter Strike Source doesn’t have that program. Servers can be created in CSGO as well. What is the better game?

CSGO team select

In my opinion, CSGO is more superior than Source. Counter Strike Source is compatible with gamepad. CSGO doesn’t but you have to get a software like Xpaddder. Source doesn’t have a skill system but CSGO does. The higher level players could easiest defeat lower level gamers. CSGO have more game modes than Source. Both games play very similar but little tweaks. If CSGO is more popular on Twitch than Source. Most people will start a dedicated server based on their region. Gamers think CS is dead. The game pretty much alive and well. Which Counter Strike you enjoy? Comment down below.


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