Trash Talking In Video Games | Does it Hurt or Feel Good?


Trash talking is weak?


Do you love to talk smack in video games? Do you easily get your feeling hurt? Well I have to tell you that it’s natural when you are playing with friends or online gaming. When someone trash talk that means they think “I am better than you and you are inferior”. When playing with your buddies, sometimes you insult them in a humorous way because you are they friend.


Video Game Trash Talk - The Breakup
Image: Universal Pictures.


For instance you are playing online, those people are not your friends and you don’t know them. You can make friends that’s okay but sometimes you need someone to play with because you don’t have friends. I did a blog post about dangers of online gaming for kids, I stated that “Kids shouldn’t play Call of Duty online because you don’t want to hear grown people cursing and insulting one other”. In online gaming chat, you will the vilest, annoying and usually people on the internet.


Be careful what you say

People in online gaming can say whatever they want without getting trouble such as racial slurs, insulting, threatening and many more. There are some console such as Nintendo Switch which filters inappropriate misconduct online but I don’t see Xbox One and PlayStation 4 has that. As for trash talking  online it may seem like a joking matter but when some takes it serious you know what’s up. Before who you offered because people can easily get their feeling hurt.


Trash Talking in Lol
Image; Riot Games


Probably bullying or belittled by peers throughout your life. Just be careful when trash talking online and playing video games because you don’t want to get into a physical altercation. Here is an example of when someone trash talk in video games. Video games can be fun but when you decided to take trash please use caution.


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