Doki Doki Literature Club! – Sayori Depression and Can She be Saved?


Who is Sayori in Doki Doki Literature Club?



Sayori is a typical childhood friend of the unnamed protagonist. She have a bubbly and bright personality that will make you smile. The protagonist always take care of her and she forgets things. Sayori forces the main protagonist to join the Literature Club. The protagonist meets other girls from the Literature. Yuri, Natsuki and Monika who also suffer from disorders. Yuri have a obsessive personality and causing harm to herself. Natsuki neck snapping and Monika tries to reset everything. Doki Doki Literature is light-heart atmosphere to darker tone. Knowing that these girls have a dark entity inside them. We don’t know what these girls are going through in life. Back to Sayori, after she introduce and forced the protagonist in the Literature Club.



Image: Team Salvato



They prepare poems and school festival throughout the years. Reading a book takes you places but what is fiction and non-fiction. In the game, the player will have to choose which girl to do a project with. Depending on the choice, it will effect each girls mentally. Everything is not a fairy tail or a happy ending. Monika says “there is no happiness in this game”. Meaning she want to make every happy because she create the literature club. Due to the player’s decisions Monika will delete character files and restart the game. Sayori suicide was for nothing and don’t fades her. In Sayori route, the protagonist confess to her. That’s very sweet scene but don’t do much to help Sayori. After going to Sayori home, the protagonist see a suicide note. The note stated “Now everyone can be happy” because there was no place for her.




The protagonist was mortified and apart of him sunken in the ground. Sayori in alternate ending accepts reality and thanks the player. In Doki Doki, your goals is to make all the girls happy. Dan Salvato wanted the player to make their own reality. A reality that no one will cause harm to themselves and never alone. The Literature Club is a safe haven from a dark place in our lives. The question is Sayori suffers from depression for years. Does she tell her family or friends out this? Did something in her life trigger her to get depress. What about being accept in a world of tragic things? Something we want to restart our lives and correct them. Unfortunately we can’t restart or turn back time like Monika. Monika wants you to forget about Sayori.


Doki Doki Literature Club Sayori 3
Image: Team Salvato


Is she a villain? We all have to accept reality for what is it. It reminds me of Steins;Gate went Okabe want to save Mayuri or Kurisu. You can’t save both but only one people and live happy. Doki Doki Literature is very surprising visual novel with psychological horror elements. We get to dive in what these character are. What type of mental health that Sayori have? The rest of the cast is questionable too. Will we accept reality or destroy it? Sayori will always be a star and brighten everyone day. She shouldn’t have to take her own life. She have friends in the literature club and us fans. We as the player can avoid her death and have a good ending. Download Doki Doki Literature for free on PC/Steam.


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