Rio Rainbow Gate – The Goddess of Victory Anime Review


What is Rio Rainbow Gate?


Based on Koei Tecmo’s Rakushou! Pachi-Slot Sengen and Rio’s pachinko game series. Rio Rainbow Gate! anime is about a skilled casino dealer named Rio Rollins Tachibana. She have a special skill called Rule Roller, which brings good luck in any game. The show’s main motif is about gambling and dealing with luck. Rainbow Gate is animated by Xebec, known for To Love Ru, Love Hina and Keijo anime series. Rio works in Howard Resort as a star dealer. She is portray as someone who is willing to put on a smile. Tachibana make an appearance in Dead or Alive Paradise (which Tom Howard allude in early episode). Rollins is a playable character in Koei Temco Warriors All-Stars crossover game. Rakushou! Pachi-Slot Sengen video game is based on simulation slot machines.


 Rakushou! Pachi-Slot Sengen 6
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Rio: Rainbow Gate is a short 13 episodes tv series. Viewers could explore Rio and employees at Howard Resort. There are other characters in the anime that progress the plot. Mint is introduce in the first episode with her teddy bear Choco. She looks up to Rio as a big sister and willing to help her. Rina Goltschmidt Tachibana is Rio’s half-sister. She is introduce in the middle of the anime. During Rio’s childhood she thinks Rina is a best friend. After Rio and Rina evil aunt Cartia Goltschmidt reveals the truth. Rio loss her self-confidence and her will to gamble. Rina wanted revenge because Rio’s mother Risa Rollins Tachibana dated her father.



Lets gamble


Bunny girl Tiffany and Hollywood actress Rosa Canyon. Two bunny girls and explanation about games twin sisters Elle and llle Adams. The owner of Howard Resort Tom and Risa Rollins Tachibana (disguised as Joker). Carlos Tanaka, the comical relief and later on ICDC police officer. Dana is a fortune-teller that sees Rio’s future. The main villain is Cartia Goltschmidt, who want thirteen gate cards and take over Howard Resort. Throughout the main storyline, thirteen Gate Cards were introduce in the series. The sub plot is International Casino Dealer’s Guild and mysterious motives. Collecting thirteen Gate Cards will make a dealer MVCD (most value casino dealer) and grant wishes. Rio doesn’t earn the first card it was given to her. Other Howard Resort employees such as Anya Helsing, who is a trainee and very clumsy girl. Her clumsiness give her misfortune and good luck, which is running gag in the show. Lina is an android that controls Sky Resort computer mainframe. Her head keeps getting knock off (another recurring gag in the show).


Rio: Rainbow Gate Episode 6
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Gamblers want to challenge Rio for her Gate Cards. Cartia want to obtain them and see a rainbow. There is spicules of fanservice in Rainbow Gate, Tom Howard get Rio into embarrassing situation, due to his antics. Rio and her challengers paly serious of games follow with explanation. There is casino games such as Black Jack, Space Ping Pong, Spades and Disk Shooting. Rio uses her rule roller to win every single one of them. She managed to turn the table in her favor. Cheating is a minor issues in this anime. There are characters that relate to casino such as Queen, King and Misery.



Robot girl
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What my thoughts on the series?



Misery symbolize bad luck and gamblers loss everything. Rainbow Gate has miraculous effect went Rio unlock her powers. Other gamblers uses mathematics and symbolic imagery. Rio don’t just gamble but defend her as well. Rio: Rainbow Gate is a bit cliché’ went it comes to friendship and ecchi. This is my second anime that I have watch revolves around gambling. Rio’s goddess power could bring misery and don’t always help. She put herself before anybody and smile in a face of danger. Xebec did a great job with animation and character designs. Anime fans could finish this in a day like me. I am hoping to play Koei Temco Warriors All-Stars video game on my gaming channel. I like how Howard’s Resort motto is “as customer wishes” which is your wish will be granted. Rio is a strong lead character and the most valuable gambler dealer. If you love Koei Tecmo games and gambling, Rio: Rainbow Gate is a fun show to watch and Dvd or Bluray at Amazon.


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