SteelSeries Rival 110 Mouse and HyperX Fury S Mouse Pad Review


What is HyperX Fury S?


HyperX is a gaming tech product company for gamers. They sell mouse pads, memory sticks, headsets and keyboard. I brought HyperX Fury S pro gaming mouse pad from Best Buy yesterday. HyperX mission is to help gamers meet demands and give them a winning edge. These products are not just for gaming but computer use. You can buy USB and SD cards for storing files from your PC. Hyper have glasses if you love cosmetics. This company is affiliate with Esports such as Echo Fox. Partnered with Intel Extreme Masters, NRG and SK Gaming. There are different gaming organizations that support HyperX. The product itself is very conformable and medium size for keyboard and mouse. The HyperX logo is printed on the bottom right. Pro gaming mouse pad is design for optimal precision.


HyperX Fury S Mouse Pad
Image: AnjimPlays


The mouse pad gives you more accuracy with each movement. It have a seamless anti-fray stitching with no gaps and spaces. Gamers could take it anywhere to work or school. HyperX Fury S specs is 290MM x 240MM dimensions and thickness 3MM. Overall, I will enjoy using it for a very long time. The mouse pad coves half of my keyboard. Fabric is dents and very formable for resting your hands. If you want more info about HyperX go to the website. I been looking for a mouse pad for a long time. Amazon mouse was on it’s last leg and don’t work anymore. It was time for a replacement and now for SteelSeries gaming mouse portion.



What is SteelSeries Rival 110?



SteelSeries is the same as HyperX. This company is apart of Esports and won using these products. Steel products have headsets, keyboard, mouse and more. They’ve partnered with Blizzard, EA, Hewlett-Packard, Gunnar Optiks and Valve Corporation. SteelSeries is a Danish manufacturer founded in 2001 by Jacob Wolff-Petersen. SteelSeries was original named Soft Trading Company. Sponsored teams uses SteelSeries are Faze Clan, Edward Gaming and Evil Geniuses. SteelSeries Rival 110 7200CPI series have a distinctive design with logo glows orange. It features prism lighting, click durability and truemove1 custom optical sensor.


SteelSeries Rival 110 Gaming Mouse
Image: AnjimPlays


The design itself is not like other mouses. Rival 110 have three buttons on the left side and on top. Each button is meant for shooters like Overwatch, Counter Strike and more. Rival 110 specs is lightweight 90g, black matte design and for right handed gamers. I really love the design especially in the dark. At first I was not used to it. Due to the 6 button layout but I brought at from Best Buy for $39.00. SteelSeries mouse is more advanced than Amazon mouse I owned. These products are not just for PC but Xbox One and PS4. Overall, I am happy to buy a cheaper mouse and pad for my live streams. If you want to buy these products SteelSeries Rival 110 and HyperX Fury S are available on Amazon.



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