Gaming for Charity – Play to Give Back and Save Lives


Gaming for Charity

You have to give it up for these gaming outlets like Twitch, Sony, Microsoft, YouTube and others for thinking about giving back to the community instead of being greedy. For example, Twitch you have streamers doing charity streams to collect from viewers but you have to have a decent following (200-1,000 followers), great personality, streaming in high quality and be credible (not scam people).



Extra Life
Image: Extra Life



Some streamers do it to buy better equipment and games that’s fine if you don’t want to give. These streamers does charity such as St Jude, Wounded Warriors, Red Cross, Extra Life and etc. I am a streamers too and one day I will do a charity stream to help people in need. I am still growing my following but it’s a slow growth. Make sure you follow my Twitch channel Anjim Plays and I stream variety games such as fighters to RPGs


Be careful of scammers


Let’s talk about donating in general, it’s nothing wrong with giving back but don’t scam people because you are stepping on someone’s kindness and support your cause. For example, you see a homeless person on street asking you for money. Sometimes you feel sorry for them or ignore them. Sometimes people pretend to be homeless and don’t want to work, so they scam people for money and get away with it. Indiegogo, GoFundMe and Kickstarter is a positive way to support your cause for example producing an indie game which requires money and producing a movie.



Brighton police: GoFundMe breast cancer page a fake
Image: WXYZ Detroit


Some people take advantage these outlets in the wrong fashion. For example, a GoFundMe campaign to buy a cheeseburger from McDonald. A GoFundMe campaign to get money for a date for your boyfriend and girlfriend. Here is the kicker , a GoFundMe campaign for quitting you job and buying a car. Those GoFundMe campaigns you need to stay away from lol. People wonder why I got a donate button on my blog. Tt’s because want to use it to support charities, the blog and being self-employed. If you want to donate that fine but it’s optional. I am happy you guys enjoying my blog. Sorry I got side-track but that’s what donating is all about and gaming for charity is a great way to give back and I wish more video game outlets do this.



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