Why Kids Under 18 Shouldn’t Play Call Of Duty or Online Games


What is the dangers of online games?



Online games is a great way to make friends, join a community and play together, but there potential dangers in putting yourself in an online. For example, you are in a chatroom on an online dating site or social media. You met someone online you never met before and have not seen or you don’t know in your life. You are a rebellious teen want looking for love online and they person is far from your age like 30, you shouldn’t be talking to that person because you don’t what that person intentions is.


Image: Roblox Corporation


My advice is that don’t date anyone older than you. You can socialize with that individual if you know them like a teacher, friend, co-workers, family and etc. Another don’t put your personal information on social media unless you are starting a business, because if someone don’t like you they can come where ever you at and do harm to you. Maybe leak your information all over the web and potentially lose your job and call or harass you, especially if you’re a content creator but use a different name not your real name.


What do kids love first person shooter?


Well that’s out of the way, let’s talk about the COD Kids. Well Call of Duty is the popular and underrated military shooter game out there. Call of Duty is that the same it’s more like zombies, dragons, robots and etc. Its’ not a military style game anymore more like a survival horror/thriller shooter I understand the setting in the future but if you put zombies in the game it becomes jarring. Call of Duty multiplayer is where the fun begins, there are number of games modes in multiplayer such as King of Hill, Free-for-All, Team Deathmatch and etc. Customized your character with the best equipment and weapons that you possibly imagine. You are the best COD player in the game and one more thing that drives people crazy the audio chat.


Call of Duty: Black Ops II
Image: Activision



You will people talking trash, insulting other players and cursing like sailors (kids are doing these things too). If I was a parent if I see my kids cursing in a Call of Duty I will punish and take the game away. These people need to talk with your child about online games because you have grown people saying the most outrageous thing that a kid shouldn’t hearing. Parents letting technology raising their kids and not spending time with them. I bet that kid won’t be cursing in front of the parents like they do in Call of Duty would they. Note: there is an option to mute audio chat so they don’t have to listen to these grown people cried over Call of Duty. It’s okay that kids play video games but be careful online.




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