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Gaming colleges to choose from


Do you want to become a game designer? Are you passionate about video games? Does going to college help you in your career? Looking for programs that offers gaming? You came to the right blog, although I am not an expert. I willing to help others by sharing top 3 colleges that offers gaming. Programmers and artist could go to college for video game development. Maybe you might get into Bethesda, Blizzard Entertainment and other large gaming companies. If you want to be self-employed and start your own business. In my opinion, college could opens door to your future. It could further your skills and come out a better person. Nowadays, people use the internet to look up how to create video games. Once you graduate out of college will be a different story.




Five times out of ten, will not find your dream job. You will have to work somewhere else for the rest of your life. For example, someone with a bachelor’s degree working at Walmart but wants to be a fashion designer. Do you think that person will enjoy their job? What about someone who is into nursing but work at a factory. Is it that something that someone in the medical field want to do? You have to take steps to change your life. No one is forcing to stay at a job you don’t like. There are two paths, the right and wrong one. Will you choose to live your passionate to thrive? Let’s get right to 3 colleges that offers programs in gaming.

3. DigiPen Institute of Technology


DigiPen Institute of Technology
Image: DigiPen


DigiPen Institute of Technology is located in Redmond, WA. This instituting prepare students for software development and game design. There is a substantial k-12 summer programs that students can get a hands on experience. Programs such as real-time interactive simulation, engineering, sound design and digital art. Nintendo has support DigiPen and maybe other video games companies as well. DigiPen is one the top gaming college to get into. Check out their website to apply for DigiPen Institute of Technology.



2. Full Sail University


Full Sail University
Image: Full Sail University



Full Sail University is located in Winter Park, FL and online degree in game deign. This class forces on four aspects production methodologies, project management, team leadership and game capstone. These aspect teaches student about core detail of computer coding, asset management and quality. Student have to go through 12 consecutive courses each 4 weeks long. Also there is an online degree on game art. During that course student will have to learn 3D modeling, and character creation. If you are passion about game art and design. Check out their website to apply for Full Sail University online classes.



1. Otis College of Art and Design


Otis College of Art and Design
Image: Otis College of Art and Design


Otis College is located Los Angeles, CA and offers digital media class. Student will learn about 2D and 3D animation. Storytelling, action and character design are in this program. That’s not all, game entertainment and design course will interest student in creating apps. If you are a video game film maker, there is motion design class. It teaches student about typography, video making and audio. If you live in LA, make sure to check Otis college website to apply.


Those are the top 3 college to go for gaming. There is a website to look for more if you like. I would like to see or play your game someday. Maybe it might show up on this gaming blog and give it my overall thoughts.

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