Does Violent Video Games | Cause and Effects on People Behavior?


How does violent video games effect people?



Violent video games are what gamer want more and get a thrill out of. Mostly, violent video games are rated M for Mature and A as Adult. ESRB stands for Entertainment Software Rating Board provides guidelines on what game is suitable for people. Youth can’t buy rated M and A games, due to adult content such as foul language and gore. Rated E is for everyone meaning anybody could play a particular game. Researchers found violent video games cause school shootings, aggression and bullying. This topics is debatable and not 100% factual that these causes behaviors. The mainstream media (fake news) never look at video games in a positive light. These people only report the facts but sometimes share their opinions on this matter.



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Outlet’s like Fox News blame video games on crime but don’t back up their claim. The media brainwash viewers thinking video games are bad for children. For example, Stoneman Douglas School Shooting that happen this year. It was one of the deadliest shooting in American History. A lot of congressmen and women wants to put an end to it. President Donald Trump wants to banned assault rifles and bum stocks. Later on, talk with video game developers about banning games with assault weapons like Call of Duty. Video games don’t cause crimes nor irregular behavior among people. People point fingers at Mortal Kombat and Grand Theft Auto for encouraging crime and violence. It all started in the 90s and fast forward into 2018.



What are some pros and cons?


The pros of violent video games are gamer get to do things that will get them thrown in jail. Violent video games sell well than other rated games. Cons are violent video games get criticize on mainstream media. Everyone can’t buy them without adult supervision. Violent video games cause controversy in the industry. There is some positive outcome went playing video games such as stress from working and real life. Hand eye coordination and sometime could be used for training purposes. Sometimes helps the brain functionality and improve attention span. Other look at it in a different point of view. Video games cause angry and cause someone to commit a crime. That’s not the case in this situation. A person might get through a social withdraw or look down on society.



 Media Matters for America Mass Shooters,
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Does it affect your children? Were you neglected by your parent? Did something happen in school? Those are the question parents should ask their children. It doesn’t affect children but adults as well. I would have to say this doesn’t cause violent and never will”. Video games is a another form of entertainment just like movies and music. These apply to music and movies that people think it cause them to commit crimes. Whether it’s good or bad that violent video games should taken off the shelves. Other countries banned certain video games because of offensive content. Video games is a pastime and hobby for people who want to get out of reality. There are other trigger that people commit crimes than video games. This is still an on-going issues in the video game industry today.



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