Blerdcon 2018

Blerdcon 2018 – African American Comic Con and Fandom Review

Blerdcon 2018 – African American Comic Con and Fandom Review

What is Blerdcon 2018?

Blerdcon 2018 is a small nerd convention in Virginia. The term Blerd is short for black nerd (not Andre Meadow). It creates and embrace black nerd culture and fandom. Just like any other convention, there are panels, guest, gaming tournaments and maid café. Although, I only went on Saturday because it’s cheaper than going all three days. Blerdcon embrace anime, comics and different types of culture. LGBT, disabled and international community is welcome in this event. My first impressions of Blerdcon is just like any other small convention. There were guest should as Hip Hop Trooper, Karen Ashley (Yellow Ranger and Kevin Grevioux. Cosplayers make an appearance in Blerdcon as well. I went to Blerdcon with some people I know. One of them was celebrating a birthday. At the end of the day, she enjoy herself and was magic.


Blerdcon 2018 Arcade Circle

Celebrating black nerd culture

I am happy to see an African American Comic Con. Even it’s a small venue like Hyatt Regency Hotel in the near future. Hoping to see a bigger venue like ‎Walter E. Washington Convention Center in DC. Plus tickets are affordable unlike Otakon 2017. The best part of Blerdcon is playing Dragon Ball FighterZ. FighterZ was amazing and better than Guilty Gear. I got a hands on experience with this game. The mechanics are similar to Injustice 2. My favorite character are Super Saiyan God Vegetto, Beerus and Hit. I had a great discussion with other people about Team Fortress 2 and anime in general.


Boruto Cosplay


There were a lot of retro games such as SNES Classic and arcades. I was surprise to see Fortnite in a convention. Overall, I don’t go to a lot of panels and took some pictures. Quality of the photos is not perfect but average. Hope to see more of Blerdcon in the near future. Next year to get a bigger venue and promoted it more. People of all color should check out this convention. If you live in the DC area and want check out more cons. Give Blerdcon a shot and embrace Black nerd culture.


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