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Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody Summary



Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody is based on Japanese light novel written by Hiro Aninana. The series about a 29 year old video game programmer, who is transferred into the MMO world. Ichirou Suzuki, now go by Satou Pendragon learns about slavery and how to survive in a new world. During his journey, he started as level 1 and higher in the first episode. The series tackles slavery and discrimination of demi humans. People compare this to Sword Art Online but it’s completely different. Satou gained a lot of female companions on his adventures. He also learn and acquire new skills as well. I love how Satou have first person view, where MP, HP and inventory are displayed. I guess Ichirou doesn’t need a VR helmet.


Episode 9
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Ichirou is a good nature and care-free protagonist that willing to help others. He quickly gains allies and friends on the way. Satou calls himself a merchant instead of traveler. He level up quickly went summoning meteor magic to defeat lizardmen. Instead of grinding to level up and obtain items. Ichirou already have them by luck, no like Kirito who had to work hard. He meets Zena Marienteil, who comes from a royal family that was saved by Satou. Afterwards, he encountered three demi human slaves named Pochi, Tama and Liza. These three are dog, cat and lizard demi humans, they have face discrimation and prejudice. Satou manage to free them but their mindset has not changed.



Modem and past slavery


The series tackle slavery, in the first episode Ichirou mention about working. He had to spend a night at the office fixing bugs and glitches. It’s your choice to work there and your employer doesn’t own you. In MMORPG world, slavery is not a choice and don’t want demi human co-exist with human. Those slavery can’t leave because of their masters. There are other slaves who was freed by Sato. Lulu and Arisa later join Satou in his journey. The five slaves still look at Satou as master but not friend. Nana is another slave/homunculus refer Satou as master. Even he doesn’t want these slaves to call him master. He treats them with respect and love. Later on, he meet an elf called Misanaria Bolenan and Martha.


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Death March anime is a harem with not many troupes. Sliver Link does the animation with bight lighting and smooth character design. It’s a very short 12 episode series, which you can finish within a day. If you are a MMORPG fan, I would give it a watch. I am talking a liking to Satou acquire skills and titles, it reminds me of Namco Bandai Tales series. There is a lot of JRPG elements in this series that you will enjoy. It’s serenely not predict went it comes to harem genre but fantasy. Watch Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody on Crunchyroll or buy the DvD on Amazon.


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