Video Game Boss Rush | Facing your Greatest Foe in Battle


What is a video game bosses?



The history of video games bosses is what make you feel like an achiever. When you reach the end of the level you will fight a boss. You have to know his weakness, have to avoid attack and save the damsel in distress (Princess Peach). Most boss are very hard or impossible to beat alone, I can’t say specifically what boss but you will know when you play a game. There are different types of bosses such as miniboss, superboss and final boss. The popular video game bosses in video games are Doctor Wily (Mega Man), Ganaondorf (Legend of Zelda), Dr. Eggman (Sonic), Bowser (Mario) and Sephroith ( Final Fantasy 7).


Super Mario 64 boss fight
Image: Nintendo


Back in the old video game console days, when you defeat a bosses by jumping, shooting and fighting. In the present, there are consciences when you fight a boss which will make it more dramatic. When you defeat an enemy sometimes they’ve forms for example like Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest. Not all game genres have bosses but mainly fighting, adventure, shooters, RPGs and etc.




Video Game Boss Rush Epicness


Boss battles can be memorable the music, characters, dialogue and how the game hold value. You are a hero on a journey to save the world or rescue a princess from a villain who want to enslave us. As for myself I love fighting bosses and winning the game. What would to a game without boss fight? What is your favorite boss to fight? I forget to tell you that there is an indie game with nothing but boss fights called Furi I highly recommended.


Cuphead Video game boss rush
Image: Studio MDHR


Cuphead have loads of boss fights in them. Video game boss rush is a series of bosses you face in-game.  These boss battles can be cinematic and interactive for experience. Just take a look at Bayonetta and Asura’s Wrath. These games is the ultimate player experience for facing a foe. Take a moment on your favorite boss fight and what memory you have. Fighting a villain to complete your quest. Achievement unlock your perfect ending and replay your adventure. Do you get a rush out of fighting bosses?


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