The King of Fighters XIV

The King of Fighters XIV – Living Legend Tournament Video Game Review

The King of Fighters XIV - Living Legend Tournament Video Game Review

What is The King of Fighters XIV?


The King of Fighters XIV is the latest installment from KOF XIII video game. SNK wants to bring 2.5D back just like their competitor Street Fighter. The plot of KOFXIV is Russian billionaire named Antonov buy the rights to King of Fighters brand. Antonov hosts a new tournament, although an unknown entity named Verse emerge. Verse is created by Ash Crimson’s time and space distortion in the last tournament. It caught the attention of Nakoruru (Samurai Showdown), Mui Mui and Love Heart to investigate the problem. The King of Fighters XIV is more casual then other fighting game IPS. SNK successful translate 2D into 3D graphics. Later on graphics were change due to feedback from fans. KOFXIV updated their roster and expanded in DLC.


The King of Fighters XIV gameplay


Your favorite characters from Fatal Fury, Ikari Warriors, Art of Fighting and Psycho Soldiers are back. The gameplay is similar to previously KOF games. Max mode is back with short time span to execute EX moves. There are three types of super moves Super Special Moves”, “Climax Super Special Moves” and “Max Super Special Moves. All the mechanics from the previous games are in this game. Players can select their order in the character select screen. There is a new mechanic, where players can register their characters and stage. Game modes in KOFXIV as follows, arcade mode where you explore their stories and fight Verse. Mission is a collection of trials and challenges for each character. Training is homing your skills and combos.



What I think?

The King of Fighter XIV character select updated


Online mode is playing ranked or player matches. There is three modes in online play, team vs, single and party. Each room have 12 slots and spectate player’s matches. Locally, you can play with a friend in a versus match. The King of Fighter XIV is a fun game and loss in the pool of fighters. The graphic is little updated and have little fanbase. Super moves are ceaseless and semi climatic. Colorful cast of characters make the game stand than KOF XIII. They look more realistic than anime-ish. SNK is bringing the franchise in a new light. 50 + plus is more than enough to come back for more. I had issues with the netcode but there are minor. Another issues is spectate mode, you can’t watch other player matches in online.




Overall, The King of Fighter XIV is a very average title with micro transitions I really enjoy this game and no a huge fan of KOF. There is some characters I enjoy playing as Team South America’s Zarina, Sylvie Paula Paula and Shun’Ei. Happy to see other third-party characters in the game. Climax Super moves is fun to watch with intense camera work. If you are KOF fan I highly recommended buying XIV on PlayStation 4 and Steam at Amazon. Check out SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy coming to Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 on September 7, 2018.

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