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What is Down Ward and Schwarzerblitz?


Recently, I try out two indie games Down Ward and Schwarzerblitz. Each indie game is a alpha build and still in development. These games need more improvements in the coming days. Lets start with Down Ward, is a indie that follow Gabe. Gabe is a little owl that’s tasked with relighting four wilds towers. Players could gather feathers to light up wards and complete levels. Move camera angel to look for feathers. Down Ward was inspired with classic Game Boy graphics. The enemies stand out for the  background. Player have a choice to use the gamepad or keyboard. There is a flight mechanic which reminds me of Owlboy. The flying takes a while to get used to. Player’s could get the hang of it easily. Gabe have a feather light attack, which can help you solve puzzles.


Down Ward Gameplay
Image: fisholith


Also defeats enemies on the way. There are other mechanic such as wall-banking, upward zig-zag, flight momentum and more. Each level range from easy and difficult. I had some fun with this game and hope to see more from it. At first, I had trouble with the control on the keypad. Slowly knowing the ropes and lighting up towers. The soundtrack is beautiful and gloomy atomsphere. Make sure to try out Down Ward on GameJolt. Support fisholith and tune for more updates on the game.


Will it turn into beta?



Schwarzerblitz is a 3D fighting game that runs on Irrlicht game engine. The developer uses C++ and inspired by retro 3D fighting games. The main plot is the year 2065, an explosion in Euterpe caught attention of people. A series of black lightings and a secret organization called Schwarzerblitz is behind the incident. The game have five button attacks. Guard, tech, kick, punch and trigger. Player’s could chain long combos and impact attack. Trigger attacks are counter attacks that increase hit stun. Along with trigger revenge and combo breakers. You see in the image below, there is a bullet. There is ring out and 3D polygon character design.


Schwarzerblitz gameplay
Image: Andrea “Jens” Demetri


In the alpha, there is 13 playable characters (later 20+). 17 stages with ring outs and 8-way movement. Later on, Schwarzerblitz allows player’s to create a character. There is local multiplayer mode but no online at the moment. Soundtrack is futurists and techno-isn. Joystick and keypad is accessible for player’s preference. There is story mode, training for beginners and many more. Schwarzerblitz was a fun game and need improvement. The battle system was slow pace and hit detection is wonky.   Support Andrea “Jens” Demetri on creating this game like Tekken. I really enjoy this game and see more in the near future. Try Schwarzerblitz on GameJolt now and give feedback.


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