Why is Wrong with Being a Nerd? Is it a Bad Thing?

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Why is Wrong with Being a Nerd Is it a Bad Thing

What is wrong being a nerd?

What is wrong with being different from other people? Why do we can get looked down upon? It’s because we are otaku, gamers, trekey, bronies and etc? You know nerds and geeky might chance the future and without nerd we will not have video games, smartphones, science and many more. We all know that nerds and geeky doesn’t fit in with normal people but we have our little gathering of nerds that we can talk to about anything fandom.


Plus, we got conventions such as Comic Con, Anime USA and many more where fans get together and get away from the outside world. It’s like a utopia from nerds, otakus, bronies, comic-book fans and scfi fandom. Do you ever been laugh at or make fun of being a geeky? Fear not, if that happen to you there is two options, one is to walk away from that situation, two say that “I am proud of being a nerd but I might become your boss one day.

You are not alone in fandom

That’s my solution to that problem never resolve by thing with violence. Some people who are non-fandom embrace nerds and geeky which I love. You will be amazed on how many people watch Star Wars, Star Trek, Marvel or DC movies and more. Those are the people that I will feel comfortable around not those people who look down on fandom. If you enjoy your fandom don’t let others control what you will like for example, you friends or parents don’t like anime and thinks it’s too childish then don’t worry about it you are proud to be an otaku.


Another example is being a gamer, especially you are a relationship and your boyfriend or girlfriend state that “you play those game more than you spend time with me” than again you are out cheating with anybody. That’s why I am alone wolf and I don’t want anybody looking down on me.  Hanging around me for being a nerd or geeky. I am my own person. No one should tell me to stop playing video games, stop watching anime, stop reading comics and etc.  I have to say that “I AM A NERD AND I AM PROUD! Like that James Brown song “I am black and proud”. There is nothing wrong of being a nerd just be you.

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