Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 Classes Guide and Variants

What type of classes in Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2?




Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 classes is more robust than its predecessor. There is a vast range of classes in this installment. Each class have tiers and unique abilities to turn the tide. Two class are represented in this series. Plants class ranges from healer and frontline. Zombie’s class is close range and mobility. Let’s start with plants, starting from pea class. Pea class abilities are long range shooter and maneuvering. The pea have three skills cannon (which cost 60 % damage), gatling, a turret-like attack and super pea jump. Super pea jump makes you move fast and jump higher. Pea class have different variations such as toxic, roc, fire and ice. This class is great to start with. If you are a long ranger player.



peashooter plants vs zombies garden warfare 2
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Corn class is long and mid range. The corn class have abilities such as Butter Barrage, Shuck Shot and Hush hop. Butter Barrage can take out multiple enemies and great for capturing points. Hush Hop is jumping over your enemy and shooting them. Shuck Shot deals 80% damage and takes 8 minutes to charge up. Different variants of corn class is much faster than kernel. BBQ corn rapid-fire guns could burn enemies and reduce health.


Types of class variants in PVZGW2


Mob Corn is faster rapid-fire attacks. Depending on what corn classes to use like agent, party and commando corn. This class is another great addition for the plant class. Sunflower class would be a healer and attacker. This class provides healing and offense in this game. Its abilities Solar Flare Beam (similar to pea’s gatling), Heal Flower and Heal Beam. If you want to be a healer and support your team. Make sure to pick this class. Try out others such as alien, vampire, fire and metal sunflower.


rose plants vs zombies garden warfare 2
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Rose class is weaker class but using fast firing. She could stop and slowdown enemies movements. Turn zombies into goats and Arcane Enigma allow to travel fast. This is my favorite plant class and very fun character. Her Arcane Enigma takes 20% damage and heals teammates. Try about different variants ice, fire, agent and druid rose. Cactus class is more defense due to Potato mines and Tallnut Battlement. Tallnut Battlement ability create a cover to shield from fire. Zombies All-star have a similar ability.



Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 classes pros and cons


Garlic Drone is great for long range if you are not under fire. The drone could be move up and down along with skill for airstrikes. Try out different variants like jade, future, zen and bandit cactus. Citron class is both offense and defense user. This class could form into a ball and maneuver in terrain. It has a barrier that can protect from fire and EMPeach that stuns zombies.


Citron plants vs zombies garden warfare 2
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Citron variants range from electro, ice, toxic and many more. If you want offense and defense Citron is your class. Chomper is the last plant class and least favorite. This class is a sneaky and less tactical user. It abilities could dig underground and eat you from behind. Goop is to slow enemies along with trapping them in spikeweed. Chomper is a close range class and perfect for sneaking. Try out different Chomper variants like hot rod, electro, ice and disco. Zombies is the next class I will be talking about. Imp is the first class and weakest. It have low health and summon mechs to deal massive damage. Don’t let this little guy fool you with his gun-kata and gravity ball. Imp guns take 40% damage and very fast. Try out different variants such as pirate, fire, disco and more.


What is my thoughts on different classes?



Brainz is a close range mix with long. This class have abilities that mixes up with different ranges. He could fire beams while locking on to a target. Shoots a fire ball that takes 60% damage and spins like a tornado. His beam is weak but his close combat skill make up for it. Try out other variants breakfast, electro, toxic and party. Captain is short range and doesn’t do a lot of damage. His abilities are all tactical such as cannon, barrel and squawk (similar to garlic drone). He is not a bad characters if you like short range. Test out different variants like toxic, flameface and toxic. Scientist is a healer and offense class. This class could teleport in short distance, plant sticky bombs on plants and heal teammates. Scientist is consider a great healer of the zombie class.


zombies classes
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Soldier class is little similar to corn. This class could jump 10 ft in the air. Using ZRPG that takes 80% damage and poison bomb for smoke screen. Soldier variants ranging from ice to fire. He is a great long range class and uses smoke screen to trick his enemies. Engineer is a little similar to pea class. He uses his jackhammer to move quickly and megaphone to stun. Engineer also have a turret-like attack like Sunflower and Pea.





His gun take 70% damage depending on variants of engineer. The engineer have powerful firing range and great for wide range. Lastly, All-star class his rapid-fire range is deadly. He could uses dummy shield to protect himself. Sprint tackle is to ram plants and Imp Punt deals damage to multiple enemies. This is the best zombie class and get a lot of assist points. That’s all for explain about two classes in PVZGW2. See what class fit your needs and playstyle.

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