Haymakers and Worst Dating Sim – Indie Games Hands-on

Haymakers and Worst Dating Sim – Indie Games Hands-on


Two indies Worst Dating sim and Haymakers

Here are two indie games I have tried out. Some of the demos are short. I have wrote about all three game Haymakers and Worst Dating Sim. These two game were fun to play and made me laugh. I wrote a post about other hands-on games if you want to check them out. This is more like a review and my overall opinion about each game. First, let get on with the discussing all Haymaker.



Haymakers indie game
Image: Alexander Rosetti


Haymaker is a fun 2D platormer about a scarecrow looking for adventure. During my playthough, we meet Lottie and Bobby who looking for a way out. Bobby is amazed at Lotties ability to use Hitch-folk. In Haymakers, platforming is so much enjoyable with excellent mechanics. Lottie can zipline from stump, enemies and many others. She can break though blocks by zipline. I can see a speed-runner completing this game. In my opinion, this is one of the best looking platformers I ever seen. Visuals standout with detail designs of levels and characters. I am hoping to see more of Haymakers. If you want a light-hearted 2d platformer support Alexander Rosetti and play the demo.



Worst Dating Sim

Image: Saturn


Worst Dating Sim is self explanatory visual novel indie game. You take control of Shinjiko, who is unlucky 18 year high school student that hates his life. Lately, Shinjiko comes across a delinquent named Etsujii that cause problem for him. Etusuji comes off as awkward thug that’s afraid of cats and loud. The game have no save function painful right. Shinijiko is doesn’t like going out at night and hates thugs. It’s has 69 bad endings and one good ending. The story is two rival gangs Spurious and Kosher. Spurious want freedom and Kosher demands freedom.



Shinjiko is caught into a war between two gangs. Worst Dating Sim will have more routes, story and updates in the future. It had me laugh especially the choice and Mario game over theme. Support Saturn and download Worst Dating Sim demo.

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