Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII – Save The Planet’s Energy Video Game Review

Final Fantasy VII – Save The Planet’s Energy Video Game Review

What is Final Fantasy VII?


Final Fantasy VII is an role-playing game by Square Enix. It’s considered to be one of the best Final Fantasy games. FFVII has a cult-following and getting a remake soon. The game is engrave in my childhood from early 90s. PS1 was basely JRPG heavy and brought remarkable IPS from developers. Final Fantasy is one of the popular video game franchises to date. Square Enix hired some unique talent staff Nobuo Uematsu, Hironobu Sakaguchi and Tetsuya Nomura. Don’t worry you will heard these names went Final Fantasy name brought up. FFVII’s plot is about mercenary named Cloud Strife. Cloud join a eco-terrorist named AVALANCHE. AVALANCHE’s main mission is to stop megacorpation called Shinra from stealing planet’s energy. Clould meets characters that will help save planet’s lifeforce and bring down Shinra.


Final Fantasy Vii gameplay


FFVII is known for memorial characters and breathtaking story-telling. The storyline shifts between tragic and melodramatic. There is loads of characters that have a story arc. Barret Wallace backstory is about his friend Dyne and being a father. Tifa Lockhart’s past is about Sephiroth killing her father and getting revenge. Red XIII have a stray relationship with his father. Aerith Gainsborough finds out she is last surviving Cetra. The major main antagonist Sephiroth want to get a new world with Jenova.


Final Fantasy VII cloud past

Cloud wants to be like Sephiroth but changes his mind. Each character feels deep and have a connection with one other. There are lighter tone throughout course of the game.  Square Enix team slowly translate between 2D and 3D models. Did you know Final Fantasy consider to be on Nintendo 64? Staff didn’t think it wouldn’t work, N64 lacks frame rate and storage.



FFVII gameplay



FFVII gameplay is a turned-based rpg style. Players have a party of 3 characters on-screen. Each party have attack, defend and magic option. Equipment and Materia could grant character expanded options. Materia comes with different colors representing style. There are green (magic), red (Summon) and many others in Final Fantasy. Limit Break is went characters take damage like Samurai Showdown. The limit break gauge glows rainbow-ish and characters could unleash powerful abilities. You can go on side-missions and minigames like riding Chocobos.  Customization is tricky progress which will enhance your character or demoralize them.


Chocobo Race

The graphics is standard 3D polygon and changes in-game. Environments is pre-rendered backgrounds giving more realistic approach.In-game FMV-rendered cutscenes blends with characters. Soundtrack mix with dark, pleasure and powerful like “One-Wing-Angel”.  Final Fantasy VII is hands down one of the greatest games of all time. I highly enjoy playing this game for 20 hours. Every moment in the game leaves player’s amazed. I had fond memories of this game from Aerith death and fighting Sephiroth. If you are a Square Enix fan make sure to buy it on PS Store.



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