Visual Novel Games – Choosing the Right Route and Choice


What is a Visual Novel?



Visual Novel games is a Japanese interactive video game genre. It was introduce in early 1990s with still images and narration. Players put in a first person prospective interaction with NPCs. Users allow to skip, fast forward and save events in-game. Prefect example of visual novels, character is facing main protagonist. His or her name will display above text box. There is events in-game, whether players could change the plot. These are called “routes”, depending on player choice.  Main storyline will have alternate ending. Multiple endings change outcomes of the story based on choice. Routes symbolizes tree roots and endless maze. Special CGs images cutscenes displays action on what’s going on.


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Most developers’ uses still and animated cutscenes in-game. Visual novels have minimal gameplay and easy to pick up.Story-telling gotten more interactive than usual. Visual novel have various genres to explore. Notably, eroge which is suitable for 18+ adult audiences. Science fiction focus on time, space and futuristic technology. Horror is basely suspense and dark thriller. Fantasy takes players on a wonderful journey into fictional world. Mystery encourages players to piece clues and solve cases.



How does it make a profit?



Popular visual novels based on these genres Doki Doki Literature Club, Fate Stay Night and Steins:Gate. Higurashi: When They Cry is very popular and must-play visual novel. Doki Doki Literature Club mixes psychology horror and light-harem elements. Another visual novel game, Phoenix Wright is one of Capcom interactive IPs. Ace Attorney assume the role of Lawyer and detective. The game have a cult following and very popular video game.


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Distributing visual novel outside of the country is 50%. Visual novel developers have to set goals being into stateside. Developers ask question on how will visual novel game sell. Will it have a following? How will I profit off outside japan? Otaku and anime fans make 80% audience in visual novel. I am one of the statistics that plays visual novel. Back in early 2000s, there were minimal visual novel release outside Japan. Today’s technology allow developers to connection with fans of visual novels. Developers use Kickstarter to translate Japanese to English language. Platformers that hosting visual novel games such as Steam and Nutaku. Visual novel making engine software, for example Ren’Py and NScripter. Anyone could play visual novels and enjoy them. Do you love storytelling and literature? Will you create your own story or live it?


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