Does Video Games Ruin Relationships and Rekindle Them?


How does video games play a role?

If you are in relationships with someone and you rather play video games than going on dates. Will it benefit you in the long run I don’t think so. You will likely to love the game more than the personal you are dating. This is likely you are stuck in a fantasy world and can’t grasp reality. Your video game consoles is not a person but something that you turn on and off.


Video Game couple
Image: unrealitymag


There is a saying “Get a Life” don’t play video game all day unless you are paid YouTuber and work for a video game company. Other than that, you have to meet people, get employed and be a better person. I agree relationship come and go because you are not looking for the right person to love.



Love doesn’t cost to play in relationships



Love takes time to develop if you follow your heart. As for as video games, there is a genre in japan that focus on romance dating sims. It’s pretty much like a visual novel, where you meet other people by interacting, going on dates and etc. Huniepop is a perfect example of a dating sim, you meet girls getting to know them.  You have develop a relationship. Back to reality, I seen videos that boyfriends or girlfriends ended their relationship because of video games or maybe you are cheating.



When they argue the first thing they see is the person’s gaming console and afterwards throws or break it. That’s why lawsuit happening because of damage property. I don’t want to be in that situation I want to treat women with dignity and like a princess not like trash. In general, don’t let video games ruin your relationship maybe you are dating someone who like video games like you do.



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