Does Gaming Bloggers Work Hard and Excel Like Others


What does it takes to be a gaming bloggers?



This is a subject that has been bothering me as a gaming blogger. I know we don’t get a lot of views. Likes just like anime, film, lifestyle, fitness and beauty bloggers. Well it’s because of platforms like IGN, Kotaku, and Siliconera. Polygon and many more that has gaming news that makes it harder for us. Yes we work hard on creating a platform that which we can express our passion for gaming. We talk about the latest news of games that coming out, reviewing a video game we play and love.


Polygon Website
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If you are a YouTuber and Twitch Steamer you can promote yourself as a blogger to gain new audience. I know Gaming is a saturated market and there is a lot of popular gaming blogs out there. It’s tough to compete with them. That’s why we need to work together, network and collab with one by shouting each other out. People think how can we collab on a blog? There are somethings you can do such as podcast, YouTube collab and whatever you can think of. There is one more thing, social media use it well grasshopper and meet other gaming and make friends.



Are you motivated?



As for me I am consider as a hard work. I know gaming is not a niche topic for a blog but I am passionate about it. My blog focus on the gaming industry such as Indies, news, reviews and etc. I know I used post twice a day but the schedule has change because I reach over 100 post and other projects. My goals is to be self-employed, affiliate marketing and full-time content creator. I don’t people say “I know and it’s impossible” but you will hear it anyway because I have a dream and I am here to accomplish it.



a dragon never yields
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I don’t care it take 2000 posts to do it and I have a saying it’s from Phoenix Wright 6: Spirit Justice “a dragon never yields” that mean never give up. When I don’t have a following yet and working on it. I know people called me a nobody but one day I will somebody important and someone to look up to. As gaming blogger we can thrive for great thing and sponsors about looking for blogger to promote their products so don’t be discouraged there is hope for you yet. So my fellow gaming bloggers keep doing what you doing and follow your goal.



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