Ethan the Explorer The Game Kid Adventure Game Hands-on

What is Ethan the Explorer?



Ethan the Explorer is a adventure 2D platformer about world of wonders.  It is a cute-looking game for younger audience. The ideal behind this game is Dad and his kid. The story is Cris Thompson and Ethan daydream about creating a video game.  There was array of funny ideas during brainstorming. Cris’s kid thought of the game and trying to make it a reality. The plot of the demo is fighting goblins and firing your turtle gun. Ethan can eating hula hoops to regain health.  Cris has been a computer programmer and writes games.  This is the first time that father and son creating video games together.





Help Ethan achieve his dream



Ethan the Explorer is at an early stage of development. Help Cris and Ethan make this game come to life. Donate to Kickstarter and get awards on just supporting. The game have 6-8 levels right now. Cris might add more content in the near future. If you pledge $5-500 dollars, wonder content opportunity will open.  Ethan reminds me of the same drawing style of Covox Park.  Creative is endless went creating a indie game. Father and son bonding is a very special thing. Family is more important than ever. One day, mother and daughter might create a indie.  Support Cris and Ethan on their video game development journey. Ethan the Explorer  might become an animated series one day.




Ethan The Explorer Gameplay
Image: Cris Thompson



Ethan the Explore is funded and contributors can pre-order online. We did it folks, this 8 year old and dad could compete this game. It’s all thanks to backers and sharing this game on social media. I made a Youtube video support Cris and his son. Big ups to Cris and Ethan for achieving their dream. One day, I will follow my goal to become a fulltime blogger and entrepreneur.



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