The Dangers of Swatting in Online Video Gaming Awareness


What is swatting?



Swatting is no joke and prank calling the local authorities is happen on a daily basics. For those who are not familiar with swatting, is it when people call the police to report a crime. This happens online with hackers and internet trolls look up other person’s address or information. That’s why when being a public figure like a YouTuber and Twitch Streamer are easily targeted. Remember to keep your real name, address and other forms of information off the internet. Businesses and entrepreneurs could use their information because customers and clients. Information is send out every day on the inter webs and someone can get a hold of them. The Internet is a great to research on different topics and look up valuable information. There is a dark side on the net of unknown territory.


Jordan Mathewson, known online as Kootra, was arrested by SWAT teams
Image: YouTube


What I mean by that is internet trolls and despicable person get a hold of that information. If you are a successful person in life, trolls will defame and cyberbully someone. That person some doesn’t take insult well due to history of bullying at a young age. In the other hand, normal people tend to turn the other cheek and move one. There is a term “hater gotta hate” because those individuals are jealous of your success. Most of the time, their lives are miserable and wish to be a better person. I will tell you this “If you can do better, be a better person” that my motto. I completely understand why others are successful than. Work hard to achieve my goal to become an entrepreneur but I am not giving up. You heard me trolls and haters “you will not break me with negativity”.


How does it affect gamers?



Back to swatting, twitch streamers get swatted rarely in their live stream. It’s a scary scene went cops show up in your house. Ever cops will shoot, arrest or question but nowadays police are very cautions. There is a sorry about a Call of Duty player named Andrew Finch who got swatted by police. Tyler Barriss prank calls 911 stating that he shot his father and give them Andrew Finch address instead of his. Andrew Finch is mistakenly shot by the police and it was over a $2 wage match. Tyler Barriss is arrested and it’s unknown if he will be out on bail. That’s perfect example of swatting because you never know things might escalate for the worst.


Swatting victim Andrew Finch


In order to protect yourself from swatting, use a fake name not your real name. Don’t put your address and personal info on social media. If you are a Youtuber and Twitch streamer keep your personal information to yourself. Viewers can some ask you where do you live and work at. You can say what city and state but not address. Tell them “I don’t want to talk about it” or ban them because they’re potential internet trolls. I know majority of streamers and Youtubers work and they don’t want to lose their jobs. I would be safe say “I work at retail or office” but don’t say your job’s name. For any reason you say your employment name, say go bye to your money. It happens online if you someone doesn’t like you.




Be aware of online drama



As a YouTuber and streamer you don’t want to be homeless and a victim of swatting. Some YouTubers or streamers are full time and don’t worry about people calling their jobs. We part-time Youtubers or streamers have to worry about that. I don’t want drama in my brand and on the net because they’re people who will bring you down. You want people who love and support you in your journey. It’s doesn’t matter how good the person there are, haters come regardless and spread negativity. Trolls love to make people feel worthless and misery because of their lives. Always stay positive and ignore them because it the best way to combat hate. I just want to say be careful online because you might be a victim of swatting and breach of information. I want to spread awareness that keep your personal information off the internet to prevent swatting.


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