Video Game Broadcast Software OBS Vs XSplit | Which One You Use?

Which broadcasting software works XSplit or OBS?



You are wondering what video game broadcasting software to use when you recording your gameplay for YouTube Gaming or Twitch. I will be talking about two software OBS vs XSplit (which is broke into two parts). Currently using OBS and I am having trouble with it due to my internet and complicated setting to get it running perfectly. I will tell you if you don’t want to pay for video games broadcaster the download OBS (I prefer Studio) because Classic is no longer updating.


youtube gaming streaming
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The software is free to use and make sure to look at tutorials on set it up along with XSplit. As for features they are the slightly different from each other. Let’s start with XSplit, It compatible with all capture cards such as Elgato, AverMedia, Hauppauge, Magewell and more. You can add webcam to your stream and also resize and reposition it whatever you want. Chroma Key is also supported if you have a green screen and make yourself apart of the game with transparency effect.


Using XSplit



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If you are using XSplit Broadcaster, there is a professional feature when producing videos such as add music, webcam Skype, enhanced audio, preview and edit. Xsplit has a custom plugin integration such as putting Twitch and YouTube alerts, develop your own plugin and you can get more plugins at the store. After you record your gameplay, you can edit and upload to YouTube and share it on social media. For Open Broadcaster Software, this software supports Twitch, YouTube Gaming and Hitbox. You can switch between light and dark theme, improved setting to configure your broadcast and recordings quickly.


Using OBS vs XSplit


Open Broadcaster Software,
Image: OBS


Easy to use configure you can add sources to your broadcast along with the option to add image, webcam, video capture, browser source and capture desktop. You can position, resize and duplicate, also you mix audio and video with transitions, and audio filters (noise gate, suppression and gain). For video is image masking, color correction, Chroma (for green screen) and more. So which one suit your prefer OBS or Xsplit? You decided on which one you choose and well gaming is popular on YouTube and Twitch.


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