How Long Do You Stream on Twitch? Does it Get Tiresome?

Streaming on Twitch



Have you ever played limbo and the term how low can you go? Well in Twitch you have streamers that will stream over 60 hours or more to achieve to the dream being a Twitch Partner and make money. Some streamers don’t eat or sleep when gaming on Twitch and abandon their social life or family. If you are a small streamer it’s tough to grow on that platform just like YouTube, starting off is very difficult and frustration because we who are smaller then you grow faster and have a bigger audience.


Twitch Stream Summary
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You got to have 5 factors, equipment, social media, Internet connection (for quality), graphics (overlay and panels) and interaction. For equipment you have to have a powerful pc, a capture card, great mic and webcam, sometimes you can get creative and you a green screen. Social media is a great platform to promote yourself as a streamer, all you have to do is put in your description that you are a Twitch streamer. Search on Twitter Twitch and you will see tweets on other streamers you can retweet or like it and get them a shoutout . You can follow if you want but if someone does you don’t DM the people like (image below) because that follow for follow (it’s the same sub4sub which I don’t like).


Are you promoting your stream?

Make sure you use Facebook, Twitter or Instagram wisely and also join forum (which is a waste of time for me) but you don’t have to if you like to. Internet connection is key for a stream it rates you stream performance and quality, if you have connection which is 500mps and up you streaming at a great rate but if lower than you will get lagged and horrible quality.


Five Jay Twitch Streamer
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Twitch recommends wired connection but you can stream wireless if you like whatever preference is. It also reflects on the setting on the OBS and Xsplit. Which you have to lower or raise the bitrate depending on your connection. Graphics everyone is not an artist but you can google overlays and panel templates. You can shop for some and maybe get inspired and create your own. These make you stand out as a streamer. Twitch offers panels to put your info, channels, website and social media (image below) so viewers can check you out.


Twitch Streamer Zorwind Twitter
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How to you handle being a streamer


Lastly, interaction you have to be talkative in your stream. Even. if you have 0 viewers and talk to the chat often and have a positive attitude. Don’t be mean and nasty to people who came out of their busy lives to watch you. If there is not interaction they will leave and never come back. You might have some lurker and make sure you greet them too. In Twitch don’t just stream for the money do it because you love it. Don’t worry about the trolls and haters move on. Stream whatever games you see fit but play smaller games that don’t have a large following. If you plan on doing a 24 or 12 hour stream go for it. Make sure to eat first, Make sure Twitch doesn’t conflict with you social life.


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