One Last Crane – Finding your Childhood Friend Visual Novel Hands-on

What is One Last Crane?


One Last Crane indie game visual novel developed is Blissful Work’s. The story is about, an high school boy named Yuuki Murakam. Yuuki has a brain tumor and allergy to meat. In the past, Yuuki had to tell his childhood friend Saki Nishimura. He is going far away and going to America. Saki cries and Yuuki promise her to find her. Yuuki and his little sister Mary moved back into Japan. The two meet Chihiro Nagata, a next door neighbor. After getting social with acquainted with Chihiro, she agrees to help Yuuki. Later, Yuuki transferred into Shimzu High School He befirends Souta Inoue and meet Asuka Fujimoto. He is vowing to find his childhood friend Saki and reunited with her.


One Last Crane gameplay
Image: blissfulworks


One Last Crane takes on living with brain tumors and origami. The tone of the story is emotional and sad. Have you ever miss a childhood friend? What about moving far way from someone you care about? Can you make a promise that you can’t keep? Those question that the player will have to answers for themselves. The game have multiple endings and various options to change the story. Vivid artwork and soundtrack sets a peaceful atmosphere. Anime troupes are still there and camera work. Shiro Takahashi did a amazing job with the soundtrack. Make sure to give it a listen and feel relax.


Why Kickstarter?


DigitalEZ is raising funds to make One Last Crane successful. Based on development timeline, Kickstarter campaign is started between February – December 2018. Next year in January 2019, beta testing is starting and February 2019 is polishing. The game will release on March 2018 for whatever gaming platform. Digital is budget is $10,000 to cover fees, writing and program. If they can reach their goal, there are rewards and benefits. $12,000 goal is for more artwork. $14,000 is for animated opening and ending, $16,000 is more animation for characters and 30,00 is for voice acting.


One Last Crane GC
Image: blissfulworks


Rewards for people who donated to support One Last Crane as follows. $1 dollar love letter from developers. $5 tier is your named will be in the ending credits. $10 dollar tier to obtain digital copy. Unlock many more rewards such as manga, soundtrack and many more. One Last Crane is a great visual novel game and make sure support Kickstarter. Try out the demo on


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