Will Last Man Standing Third Person Shooter Genre Become Popular?

What is last man standing mean?


The latest last man standing games Fortnite and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds became very popular. 10,000 million player are online trying to get the best gear and level up. Many third person shooter games still gated from their normal genre. First person shooters genre still exist but not forgotten. Last man standing stated back to WWE days. The concept is last person standing pits you against a mob of enemies. Optimus Prime always say “one shou stand” “one shou fall”meaning defeat anyone who gets in your way. Be the last person to seize victory while others are at loss. In wresting term, there is another name for last man standing. King of the Ring, which wrestlers throw each out of the right to be the last person standing.


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In gaming media, first person shoot have a game mode called King of the Hill. This game mode is you have to stay on top. Fortnite and PUBG was not the first game to introduce last man standing. It happens throughout the years of first person shooter video game. FPS games have KOTH in their online modes. There is a list of games that have last man standing mode. Halo, Doom (2016), Team Fortress 2 and many other games that has last man standing. Although, this game mode is not popular than others. It good to have in these games.


Survival to the fittest?


H1Z1 was the first to come out with this. It’s a battle royale style with 150 players battle out to see who is last standing. Players jump out of a plane to land on a certain locations. While landing, player must find weapons and item to survive. Pick up vehicles to ride around the map. Staying away from toxic gas which makes the map smaller. Crafting items to create makeshift tools to help you. PlayerUnknown BattleGrounds is similar to H1Z1 but could switch between first and third person perspective. In the start of the game, players can customize their character. Fortnite had both element of H1Z1 and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds combine.


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There are two game mode in Fortnite. Save the Word is a co-op survival mode. Players can build fortified structures to fight off zombies. Another mode is Battle Royal, you have to face off against 100 players. Last player is left standing wins. There is an option to play solo or squad whatever your preference. Last year Fortnite announce 50 vs 50 at The Game Awards 2017. Tournaments has been popular for last man or team standing. Developers might create another last man standing game. We see the difference between Team Fortress 2 and Overwatch. That will be in a later post. How are you going to survive? Who will be the last person standing?



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