Covox Park and Akacrayon – Friendship and Color Visual Novel Hands-On

What is Covox Park and Akacrayon?



Gamedan Team release two new free online games. These games are Covox Park and Akacrayon. Each of these games are kinetic visual novel. Covox Park tells a story about apple and worm. The story of Covox Park revolves around Pai (apple) and Koi (worm). Pai fell from a tree. Koi looks curious about Pai and befriend him. Afterwards Koi is trying to eat Pai then falls into a river. Pai and Koi is saved by a duck. A dog sniff and tries to bury Pai. Pai is screaming for help will Koi is pondering. The apple dies and Koi mourns. Koi stops crying and saw a bud. He stated that Pai will live on and became a tree. The visual novel ends with love never ends. My initial reaction to Covox Park.


Covox Park
Image: Gamedan Team


I really enjoy and send a message about friendship. Koi ask question about Pai falling from a tree. We get to explore Pai and Koi misadventures at Covox Park. Its is one of the cutest visual novel I ever played. I would recommended this to all ages. This reminds me of a children’s story and old-school style graphics. I agree with love never ends and always stay strong. Covox Park is free to play online at Gamedan Team website.



Crayon’s life


Akacrayon Gameplay
Image: Gamedan Team


Akacrayon is another cute visual novel game. It tells a story about the color red. Red crayon wants to know his purpose in life. Crayon tells the audience about being special because it master is a child. He talks about artist using the color red. The other colored crayon are jealous because red is getting attention. Red ponder why the color red and no others? The game tells us that red wants to be remember one day. Arkacrayon tackles life and what is the meaning of living. Paint your day with red I love that message. Red is the meaning of love. You only live one and take control of your life.


There is two choices in Akacrayon. Fight for your life or just live my life. Whatever you choose to live that’s your choice. Both of these games are well put together. I want to see more these visual novels. Gamedan Team did a amazing job and it’s really deep. Check out GameDan Team’s indies and play Akacrayon and Covox Park.

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