Zeliria Sanctuary – Teleport Into a New World Visual Novel Hands-on

What is Zeliria Sanctuary?


I got to try out Salangan Games Zeliria Sanctuary visual novel game. It was very fun and had humorous moments. Zeliria Sanctuary is about a man who is transported into another planet. He meets a cat-like human named Leeka and purple hamster Humkey. After trying to find his way through Zeliria. He got a wish to save his father from a illness. The hero was a test subject. After crashing into an unknown planet with 13% chance of survival. You are the first person to try out a teleporter.


Zeliria Sanctuary. Demo
Image: Salangan Games


Zeliria Sanctuary features 3 heroines with their own stories and ending. Player make choices to change events of the game. Explore 11 endings for each character. A touch of water colored background and vivid art style. Journey throughout the world with history and laws. Encounter various beasts and monster in Zeliria. Interact with characters and fall in love with them. Become an elite fighter with Strength, dexterity and popularity. You have to face difficult mission to become strong.


What I think about the game?


The game is a very funny and strange visual novel. I had fun throwing Humkey into the water. Afterwards getting capture by savages and saved by Leeka. Depending on your choice of the game. I chose to be Leeka’s slave or she will kill me. The demo was very short and sweet. Zeliria has a blend of fantasy and scfi. I can’t wait to buy the full version of the game. We get to learn alittle about Maxx backstory. During teleport experiment, Maxx meets Humkey. Maxx realized that Humkey is from his childhood.


Zeliria Sanctuary leeka
Image: Salangan Games


Second part of the demo is being saved by Leeka. Leeka give me a jump scare and I have interrogated. Overall, Zeliria Sanctuary demo was over 20 minutes. She was kind of cute I admit. What are you waiting for tryout Zeliria Sanctuary demo and support Salangan Games


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