Senran Kagura Ninja Flash – Female Ninja Anime Review


What is Senran Kagura Ninja Flash?



Senran Kagura Ninja Flash is an anime adaptation based on Tamsoft and Marvelous Entertainment Inc Senran Kagura video game franchise. Animation Studio Artland Inc handles the animation work with directing of Takashi Watanabe. Takashi Watanabe directs anime like Slayers, Shakugan no Shana, Ikki Tousen and Freezing (manga). The plot revolves around a group of female ninjas factions going missions and fighting one other.  Hanzo Academy has a motto “you had to have a clean record for enrollment”. The academy was founded by legendary ninja Hanzo Hattori. Hattori have a granddaughter named Asuka. Asuka is a second year student at Hanzo Academy. She is very optimistic and native girl. In Ninja Flash, Asuka is a novice ninja who neglects her duties.


Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson
Image: Tamsoft and Marvelous


Senran Kagura video game is one of the first action hack n slash genre. Valkyrie Drive is another similar IP and also published by Marvelous. The game allows players to choose a ninja faction. Choose a mission and defeat rival factions. Each character have shinobi transformation and nippo techniques.  Fans could dress up their favorite characters. The game has been well-received in Japan and stateside. Although, one of the producer Kenichiro Takaki had mixed felling about sexuality in the game.


Does the anime faithful to the video game?


Ninja Flash is definitely faithful to source material. Shinobi transformations and different terminology that anime explains. Keikai (ninja barrier) was dynamic and well-rounded. Life and Dash is a mechanic from Senran Kagura: Estival Versus. The characters have distinctive personality.  Katsuragi is a blond perverted and persistent girl with a tragic backstory. There is a lot of characters with dark backstory and only one does it. Katsuragi past is her family committed a crime. Yagyu is a stoic and calm individual who sister tragically dies in a car accident. She is very overprotective of Hibari (reminds her of younger sister). Hibari is a bubbly and gentle ninja with have no fighting experience.


Senran Kagura anime
Image: Artland Inc.


Her adopted brother shows hostility towards Ikauragi. These four girls learn the way of the ninja and about each other.   Homura is a rival of Asuka, who killed her former master in self-defense. Hikage is a raise in the street and rival of Katsuragi. Mirai is the smallest of Hebijo and experience bullying. Haurka is a rival of Hibari and love with her. Recurring characters appear in this anime like Kiriya (Hanzo teacher), Daidoji and Rin (Hebijo teacher). Rin and Kiriya serves as a sub-plot.


Image: Artland Inc.


What is my thoughts on the anime?


Every 5 mins there is repetitive  just like Ikki Tousen. Fans will embrace this anime adaptation with open arms. Ninja Flash is very short 12 episode series. Viewers will have to play Senran Kagura video game to understand what is going on.   I understand that staff couldn’t put a lot video game content in an anime. It does do a great job explaining different mythos and terminology for newbies. If you love  female ninjas, go buy Senran Kagura Ninja Flash DvD on Amazon. There are OVAs and special to check out for fans of the video game. Buy Senran Kagura Burst Re: Newal for PlayStation 4 and PC pm Amazon.


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