Into The Hoops Alpha – Basketball Drama Demo Hands-on

What is Into The Hoops?


Into The Hoops is a basketball visual novel and dating sim indie game.The story of Into The Hoops is about a high school basketball player named Yuu Kazehaya. Yuu goes to Taiyou High School and his team won the regional tournament. Now Taiyou basketball team is now training to complete in the Interhigh Championship which is 45 days way. Yuu is failing in school and the only way he will play is to study for exams. Although Yuu doesn’t care about school and loves playing basketball with his teammates. His childhood friend Yui is worry about him and his grades. Will Yuu focus on his studies or will his future be a slam dunk?


Into The Hoops Alpha Stats


Into The Hoop has a blend of Slice of Life and high school drama in this game. Yuu and Yui is now the only characters to meet in this game. Yuu teammates and members of Taiyou basketball team like Kenji, Mamaoru, Jin, Daichi (team captain) and Emi (team manger). In the game, you can interact and build relationships with them. Yuu has money and make sure you spend it wisely. Money could be use to buy food, supplies and etc. In the demo, you up to five days and experience Yuu school life. The game has limited voice acting but there will be more in the full version of the game.


What activities can you do?


Yuu can venture to different places in Kyoto such as Cafe, library, Hoopz , Surf and school. Each activities Yuu does will increase or decrease his stats. Speaking of the stats system make sure you choose what Yuu does on his free time. Increase your stats will make Yuu have more capable of doing tasks. There are four attributes strength, stamina, intelligence and proficiency. To increase these four attributes, Yuu will have to eat, train, work and study. I am sure their will be more activities that Yuu will do in the full game.


Into The Hoops Yuu and Yui


Intro The Hoops offers hi-res anime style character designs and CG scenes. Beautiful soundtrack reminds me of a basketball slice of life anime. Final version of the game will have over 10 hours of planning for 45 days. 25+ hours to explore character routes, map system, day circles and multiple love interest. Bonus content is in the game such as music room, CG gallery, character bios and many more.


What do I think of the Into The Hoops?


Into The Hoops Alpha Kyoto City Map


I highly like the tone of the story and atmosphere of Into The Hoops. Again I been playing of the visual novel game. I was look for a basketball-like visual novel dating sim game. Yuu as a character is your typical protagonist who willing to help and carefree. I can’t wait for the full release of the game. If you guys like a sports visual novel, this might be for you. Into the Hoops demo is available now on


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