Otakon 2017 – Best Washington DC Anime Convention Ever

Otakon 2017 – Best Washington DC Anime Convention Ever


What was like in Otakon 2017

I have been to Awesome Con and Anime USA but I never been to Otakon. The reason is Otakon is because it’s in Baltimore and I live in DC, I don’t have time to travel there. Luckily, Otakon 2017 came to Washington, DC and I was stoked about it. When I went to Otakon for the first time it was a long line and ticket cost $100 dollar and it’s was insane but worth it. During Friday and Saturday, I don’t have to work but I went to some panels such as Voice acting with Lex Lang and Sandy Fox. It was a learning experience for people who want to become voice actor.
Otakon 2017 game room
Vic Mignogna Q & A was one of the best panel in Otakon and very lively. Vic talk about his voice acting career and his love of Star Trek and Sharks. The highlight of the panel Vic whisper her girl’s ears as Tamaki Suoh from Ouran High School Host Club and show him and Todd Haberkorn in a Free Swim contest. Next panel I went to Sekai Project who show upcoming visual novel games. Sentai Filmworks announcing upcoming dubs in anime such as Grimoire of Zero, Princess Principal, Love and Lies and many more. Anime and Hollywood which they show how anime is adapted into live action and CGI.

Who was there?

Jam Project was at a panel and you will remember these guys who did music for Super Robot Wars, Yu-Gi-Oh! GX and Garo. The panel was relax and there were translators that can interpreted Japanese and English language. I saw some AMV and some of them was funny and delightful. Lastly, was the Gurren Lagann 10th Anniversary panel and it’s was amazing filled with trivia, favorites and voice actor such as Kyle Herbert and Michelle Ruff. Some panels I missed such as Sailor Moon, Anison and other ones due to a full room.

Gurren Lagann cosplay


 I mostly spent time in the game room and it’s was huge, They have Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Pinball machines and retro consoles. The types of game they ‘ve are Tekken 7, Street Fighter V, ARMS, Super Smash Bros, Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2, Hatsume Miku, Touhou Project and many more. Tournaments was held and I played against a lot of good players. I met some Indies developers and play some of their games. I had a great time at the convention and I hope Otakon will stay in Washington, DC again


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