Fighting Game Community – Thrive To Win Casual or Pro Player


What defines a fighting game community?


Are you a fighting game fan? Do you thrive to win? Or just play for fun? This is what gaming is all about, it’s to test your skills, be the best and respect. We all know that Street Fighter was the first fighting game in the 90’s and beyond then was Mortal Kombat. 2D fighting was a thing in the 1990s before bringing it to consoles you have to go to your local arcade to play them. You have to put whatever amount of cents that the game takes. You sometimes have tournament, play causal or be each other high score to win. What about the command list that are in the bottom of the arcade screen. Do you know what to preform them? Usually it quarter-circle, 360 degree circle or other ways to do characters moves. What about the tiers like A, B, C and D which classified how strong the characters is in tournaments.


Sailor Moon snes tournament
Image: Skillions


If you want to be good at a game you have to learn combos which is fun to put off but it practices. There are combo videos on YouTube that showcase by tournament players and the developers of the game. What about main characters you are good at? Do you have a favorite character that you use to win battles? It depends on what is your preference such as grapple, speed, charge and average characters. If you want to be a part of a community who is dedicated themselves on playing fighting games knock yourself out.



Are you a causal player or pro player?

There are some online fighting game community such as Shoryuken, Eventhubs and many others you should check out. There is a tournaments dedicated to fighting games such as Evolution Championship Series (E.V.O), Apex, Community Effort Orlando and Tougeki – Super Battle Opera. You will be amazed on how good these players are just watch this clip.


 YouTube DBFZ Pools - Kazunoko vs BryanHakai - NCR/Norcal Regionals 2019
Image: NCR/Norcal


The most popular E.V.O players are Daigo Umehara, Justin Wong, Ricky Ortiz, Alex Valle and Ken Hoang, these players train hard and took home the gold. You might become of those players yourself if you believe. Fighting game community not just play video games but give back as well to charities, Kickstarter and more. Fun fact: there is some debate whether Super Smash Bros is a fighting game or not. I think Fighting games are the 3rd most played genre next to multiplayer online battle arena video and shooters. If you are not the best at fighting games but you can still enjoy it. As for myself I love fighting games even I might suck at them time and time again. Do you want to win or play casual? The Smash Bros saying For Glory or For Fun. Comment down below and tell me your thoughts?


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