PC Gaming Vs Console Gaming Choose Your Technology Destiny


PC Gaming Vs Console Gaming Choose Your Technology Destiny

What is the difference between pc gaming vs console gaming?

Let just say I am both console and PC gamer for the monument. What is the difference between PC and consoles you ask?  You download a game and never have to worry about getting the game on a newer console. PC games can take up a lot of hard drive storage depending on the file size and how much content it has. PC games requires specs such as powerful graphic card, ram, hard disk space and CPU.


PC Gaming


There is a PC that’s dedicated to gaming is called Alienware (which is very expensive gaming PC) and the specs on this PC are 16GB DDr4 memory, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 965M CPU, 6th gen Intel Core and Windows 10. As for PC games you don’t see them at retail stores anymore but it rare. There is a website called Steam were you can get discounts, movies, software, games and start a community I highly recommended it for pc gamers.

Console gaming is better?

 Console gaming is different from PC gaming. Console games are still in retail stores and some of them are online. Consoles have features such as party chat, friend requests, specs (just like PCs), community, apps, watch movies and TV shows. As for you downloading or buying a game for example, you buy Last of Us on PS3 then got re-release for PS4 but it has all the DLC in the disc. Well PlayStation 4 is not backward compatible anymore but Xbox One is unfortunately.


console gaming


What do PC and Console gaming have in common? Well they’re very popular on Youtube and Twitch, you will see billions of gamers doing it. The both got its advantages and disadvantages went it comes to gaming. What do you prefer PC or console gaming? Comment down below if you are a pc or console gamer.


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