Are You Passionate About Video Games? Join My Gaming Career!

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Are You Passionate About Video Games? Join My Gaming Career!

Why Join My Gaming Carrer

Are you a Twitch streamer or YouTube gamer? Well there is an upcoming gaming website which you can expand your brand. I recently join this program and there are some great people on the website. My Gaming Career gives you the tools to grow your brand. Meet other YouTubers, Twitch streamers and gaming bloggers. You can reach them at Discord, Twitter and other social media sites. I haven’t heard about this site until I saw a tweet from streamer named Jammer83. Jammer83 is a various streamer and runs Free Agent Mafia (Twitch community). Give her a watch and follow also tell her I send you. Immediately I saw an opportunity to grow my brand.
Anjim Plays on My Gaming Career
In My Gaming Career you can sign up or use your Twitch account. You can set up your account such as name, city, email and etc. Link your social media pages, upload photos, set up donations and more. You can create a page for your team or fan page. There are sections such as news, social media store, Esports, Sponsorship, Affiliates and more. I signed up for a sponsorship and give you exclusive offers and accesses. Affiliates are use as referrals to other sites and get commissions for it. Social Store you can buy packages to help your growth. There is a news feed which bloggers can post articles and share them with others.

My Gaming Career have a great community

My Gaming Career has a forum that you can talk about anything. For YouTubers you can post videos and share with your peers. Do you want to get more exposure for your channel and stream? Let me tell you the rest story on how I got into My Gaming Career. After signing in, one of the website’s owners reach out to me on Twitter. I join their Discord and I had a 50 minute talk with them. Give me feedback on my gaming blog and stated it got too many ads. I decided take out some of those ads because I should have to done it sooner. They were impress my writing skills and overall design of the blog. Note: I am thinking about redesign the blog as well.
My Gaming Career Membership Packages
They gave me a lot of insights and ideas on the future of the blog. I told them it’s a lot to take in and was happy about the proposal. Honestly I want to grow this blog and monetize it. I don’t want to think of blogging as a paycheck but something I love. I am still working at my day job but one day I will be a successful Entrepreneur. Also what with other companies in the future but I got an Inferiority complex and peer pressure. I will work on that and try to get pass it in order to success in life. That being said, if you to grow your YouTube, brand and Twitch stream join MyGamingCareer. You will get an experience like no other and we are a gaming community to help each other grow. I just want to say talk you MyGamingCareer for this opportunity.

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