Oppaidius Summer Trouble & Frisky Business Sizzling Visual Novel Hands

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Oppaidius Summer Trouble Frisky Business Sizzling Visual Novel Hands

What is Frisky Business?

Welcome folks, its summer and there is two sizzling visual novels. Oppadiius Summer and Frisky Business, two games I have tried out. Frisky Business is about private detective Mr. Falco Frisk. Frisk solves various cases for clients. One day, Frisk and his assistant Charlie stumble upon 3 college girls. A murderous clown is on the loose and his target are 3 college girls. Frisk and Charlie meets beautiful women on the way. Finding cases and evidence to catch this clown. Falco and Charlie relationship is very awkward. Charlie is the brain of Frisk Investigation Solutions. Falco pokes fun of Charlie at times. He loves women as well.  Cosplay witches and perky woman with swimsuits.  Frisky Business visual novel is very short. Players have multiple choices in the game.   These will determine the game ending outcome. Falco could build relationship with women he meets. Depending on what choice players makes.
Frisky Business gameplay
There is alot of attractive babes in Frisky Business. What will Falco do? Solve cases and get loss in temptation. The game play similar to any other visual novel. You can save and load your progress. There is no option menu to config the game. The game is very fun and sexy.  Do you think work goes with pleasure?  Falco wants to be successful private detective. I would give this game a try.  Frisk Business is available now on Steam.  Make sure to support Kbros Games and visit their website .

What is Oppaidius Summer Trouble?

Oppaidius Summer Trouble is a 90s inspired PC-98 visual novel game.  This game is full of ecchi content. famous Japanese composer join this project.   Vittorio Giorgi does art for comics and love 90s Japanese games. The game features PC-98 pixel art and Yamaha YM2151 sound chip. The story follows unnamed protagonist that meets Serafina. Serafina just moved in and the protagonist is fascinated with her. She is well-endowed and her personality of an airhead .   The main character best friend Jimmy is a frat boy. Jimmy loves women and willing to help out. The protagonist through he see his dream girl. He is trying to Jimmy doesn’t believe him.  At the beach, protagonist sees Serafina.
Oppaidius Summer Trouble gameplay
Sera and the main characters have a little chat.  After hanging out with Serafina and Jimmy, he is on his way home. The protagonist dreams about Serafina and can’t keep his mind off of her. Oppaidius Summer Trouble video game have some anime troupes. There is breast physics and erotic scenes in the game. The full game will have 11,000 words of text. I hope Serafina not the only female character in the game.If you love Oppai give it a try.  Support Oppaidius Summer Trouble Kickstarter or wishlist on Steam.


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