Eroticism in Video Games Industry and Character Analysis



Eroticism In video game and character analysis


Video games can be fun to play with memorable characters and story telling. The debate whether eroticism play a role in video games. SJW (social justice warrior) target video games that portray with women like a sex symbols. I understand some people don’t want see gender or race being portrayed in a negative way. There are some single men and women who love fictional characters in video games. Look at Otaku culture, there is a term called Waifu. Waifu is a real life person fantasize 2D fictional characters to think of marriage or girlfriend. Sone Otakus don’t like 3D non-fictional men and women because of being rejected and not fitting in. That’s just my opinion on the matter and myself I get look down by women sometimes.



Anita Sarkeesian
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I also have waifus (I can’t share that with you guys) but not all 3D non-fictional women are not bad. There penalty of fish in the sea, otakus wants an ideal men and women to be in a relationship. People have preferences on what type of men and women they want. Some video games characters does have ideal personality that a real life people has. Gamers look at that character see what type of person they like. Is the character strong, easygoing, arrogant, cheerful, caring and annoying? That’s the question what is on gamers minds. What about the characters look? What about the character’s body type, stylish hair color, revealing outfits and charm point? I will give some analysis on some characters in video games that face criticism.


Is Erotic video games a good thing?


First off, is the character from Tomb Raider Lara Croft. Lara is an archaeologist finding hidden treasure about the world. Her early character design is brown shorts and tank top. Later her design change due to backlash from critics. Lara was in bikinis and revealing cocktail dresses in Play’s Girls of Gaming. Tomb Raider: Underworld’s creative director Eric Lindstrom felt those sexy poses was out of character. A PlayStation Magazine comment on whether Lara Croft is a role model for young role or embodiment of male fantasy. Later added, the character does attract female demographics but mainly design for males. Mark Cohen differs that erotic characters doesn’t make the game sale but content value.


Lara Croft
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Another examples of video games that has fanservice and erotic characters. These games are called Senran Kagura and Dead or Alive series. Senran Kagura is an action beat’em up video game by Marvelous. The game revolves around an all-female cast who are ninjas that fight one other. Majority of the game has large assets and physics that go with it. It also has girl clothes getting rip-off and nudity. SJW want to ban this game from American due to outcry but Kenichiro Takaki is working around it. Dead or Alive series is one of the first sexualize fighting game. DOA is made by Team Ninja and Koei Tecmo, it features different genders of characters. Past main DOA series don’t focus on fanservice but when Dead or Alive Xtreme roll outs. The franchise with up the roof but Dead or Alive Last Round came out with costumes.




How does it impact video game fans?


Those costumes are meant for male demographic and also demand for bigger assets on the female characters. Not just Senran Kagura and Dead or Alive but other games that have erotic characters in them. Do you guys remember Overwatch’s Tracer pose? There was backlash on that and Blizzard Entertainment had to add alternate pose. Male or female demographic love fantastic to find love. Maybe you the best looker or very awkward talking to people. Erotic character and video game will spice up your life. In Japanese sex does sell but not in the US sadly.


dead or alive 5 halloween
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There is nothing wrong with falling in love with a fictional character. At the end of the day some people think it weird and disgusting. Video Game industry is 50/50 on eroticism because of journalism and social justice warrior. Feminism also have a say in sexuality in video game. What do you think Gamergate started because of how female video game characters are look at? There is some developer who want to keep sexuality in their games. What if a game was about finding love and the main characters sleeps with different women *coughs Huniepop*.


Overall thoughts

Eroticism in video games is a arguemental topic in the gaming community.The developers will have to create a very sexy female character. I have to say “beggers can’t be choosers” and the debate between video game or sexuality is still going on. Eroticism in video games would probably sell in Japan but not in the US.


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