Dojin Soft Vs Indie Games – Video Games Independence in Development



What is the difference between indies and dojin?

There are two types of independence video game development in Untied States and Japan. Indie game which stands for independent video games without a publisher. Dojin Soft is a group of Japanese hobbyists make game for fun not money. I will give you the rundown on Dojin Soft and Indie games. First let’s talk about Indie games for a second, mainstream video games are develop by a big company. Independent developers consist of small groups of 2-6 people. Small groups of indie developer don’t have the budget to make the game. Instead, indie developers seek crowdfunding or make it free to the public. Depending on the indie game’s success, big name publisher like Warner Bros interactive, Square Enix, Sony and Microsoft.




Those might reach out to the indie developers and purpose to publish the game. Publishing indie game will take risks because releasing the game on a set schedule. Becoming more expensive to add content and force developers to make sequels. Developers pay for manufacture inventory to order more copies of the game. That’s why some small video game creators don’t want a publisher. By being independence developer, you have the power to call the shots. Don’t worry about publisher because it is way too expensive and some of the profits go to them.


What is Dojin soft?

Dojin Soft is very similar to indie games. Dojin doesn’t revolve about video games but anime, art and manga. Sometimes Dojin creators uses crowdfunding websites as well but go to Comiket to sales for profit. Hobbyists can make Dojin full-time job just like developers Kinoko Nasu and Takashi Takeuchi from TYPE-MOON. There are other example of Dojin soft companies and games, Team Shanghai Alice who worked on Touhou Project. 07th Expansion who is known for visual novel games like Higurashi When They Cry and Umineko When They Cry. Western notable Indies are very such as Tobyfox’s Undertale, Mojang’s Minecraft, Yacht Club Games’s Shovel Knight and many more. As Comiket showcase and sells Dojin.




Indies has their own trade shows. Indie Game Jam is an event which developers share ideas. Independent Games Festival is a gathering of indie developers who receive awards and inspire people. What is the difference between Dojin Soft and Indie Games? These video game mediums represent independence and like self-employment. Nowadays there are a lot of indie developers out there and don’t want to work at a big name video game company. Owning a business is a tough process and very expensive because of cost. Such as hiring staff, exterior design, developing a game and more. What is being a Dojin and indie developer do and there is never too late for trying.


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