Do You Miss Work or School Just to Play Video Games for a Day?


Is missing work and school important


Do you think when an anticipated video games comes out like Splatoon 2, Call of Duty WWII, Destiny 2 and Shenmue III people intend to play them? What about the latest video games consoles like Nintendo Switch? Do you intend to make buy them? Of course you will you are a gamer and that’s what we do, play the top of the line tech and software for out gaming needs. I think most gamers have to go to school and work for a living but do video games pay for you education and bills, No they don’t, it’s a hobby but you can learn about the game through story and writing. As for paying bills, if you are not a successful Twitch streamer or YouTuber than you don’t need a miss work playing video games.


Splatoon 2
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You can do that anytime it’s not going anywhere no time soon. What about being a mother and father? You kids come first before video games but don’t play it all day unless they‘re sleeping or at daycare. What about dating (I did a blog post about it)? Are you spending on time with playing video games than giving attention to your boyfriend or girlfriend? The answer to that’s spending time with the people you care about and love the most not gaming. Gaming is not a person, its entertainment with a controller, TV or PC screen and time consuming. Another example, a bum who living with someone who has a job talking care of you while you play video games all day. What do you make of that person?

Does it benefit you to miss school?



Going back to missing work and school because of video games. Why do people do it? Is it worth it? To me I hate when someone does that, it tell me you don’t want an education or don’t want to work. What do you think you got the money to buy video games and hardware to play them? Not your parents nor your friend but your job because you work hard for you money. It’s a different story if you are self-employed, If you are giving an ultimatum playing video games without working or keep your job, again you are a popular Twitch streamer or Youtuber you will choose playing video games but if you are just a regular person who play video games you will keep you job.


Video games on the crouch
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As for me, I don’t take day off to play video games because I can play them anytime I want, I am single with no kids being a YouTuber, Blogger and Twitch streamer is awesome but I don’t let it stray away from my duties as a man to work, spend time with my family and etc. I only take a day off if only it’s a family emergency or health problem that’s it like some people don’t want to come to work because they don’t feel like it.



Life is also first in my opinion than video games because even so I grew up with video games but its make life choices for me. As for going to school, I have to say this get an education before gaming because it’s your life what do you want do and goals. I have to say this don’t miss work and school for video games because it’s not worth it due to real life.

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