Akria Co Ltd – 90s Arcade 3D Fighting Video Game Company Breakdown


Who is Akria Co Ltd?



Akria Co Ltd is a video game company that was created in 1995. It consist of former Capcom employees founded by Akria Nishitani. Akira is a game director and character designer for Street Fighter and Final Fight. There is little to know about them other than creating Fighting Layer and Street Fighter EX. Akria first games was Street Fighter Ex series which involves Capcom properties. Nishitani was involve in making Street Fighter II and Capcom’s first polygonal fighting game. Akria doesn’t want an all Street Fighter character game. Instead, incorporated their own characters such Allen Snider and Blair Dame. Both Allen and Blair appearance as playable characters in Fighting Layer. There are other Akira contenders Hokuto, Skullomania, Kairi and Doctrine Dark. These characters intended to work well with Street Fighter cast.



Street Fighter EX
Image: Arika and Capcom


Street Fighter EX is a 3D fighting game and Capcom wanted to transition from 2D. All your Street Fighter fan favorites return Ryu, Ken, Chun-li and many more. The gameplay is very different than its 2D counterpart. Each character could execute their special and super moves in-game. Does feel grounded went not playing in a 2D plane. 2.5D will work, but in my opinion 3D is only for button mashing. Street Fighter EX still plays like its predecessors. The game spawn sequels and Akria created their own fighting game. Fighting Layer is solely Arika characters no longer Street Fighter. The game is similar to street Fighter EX. There is no console release but arcade only for Fighting Layer. There is wondrous characters with unique abilities.



Akria is back

Different characters could use weapons in-game such Janis Luciani. Janis uses pistols and Exdous have a steel chair. Did I mention the strange bosses, for example Shin Knight and animals. Fighting Layer is a very fun game and sad don’t get a console release. Akria was involve in creating other IPs than fighting games. In Evo 2017, Akria return to the fighting game scene with Fighting Ex Layer. I was happy about it and brought back memories. Street Fighter V was still around and have a new competitor in their ranks. Fighting Layer Ex gameplay uses boost Gougi deck and chain combo system. It brought back some characters fans are familiar with from Street Fighter EX.



 Fighting Ex Layer
Image: Arika



Akria collaborate with Super Dragon Ball Z with Crafts & Meister. They don’t always create fighting games but puzzle games like Tetris: The Grand Master and Endless Ocean. DoDonPachi DaiOuJou, a top-down bullet-hell video game and arcade music Techinicbeat. I am glad that Akria is back and alive because Street Fighter EX .  Hoping to get my hands on Fighting Ex Layer and review it. All I have to say is “welcome back Akria and hope to see more”. Buy Fighting Ex Layer for PlayStation 4 and PC.  Street Fighter EX 1, 2 and 3 is available now on PlayStation.


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