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What are classes in Overwatch?



Blizzard’s Overwatch support heroes bring diversity and internationally in this game. Colorful cast with unique abilities and personalities make it stand out. Overwatch have character classes “Support”, “Tank”, and “Defense” “Offense”. Each character have a certain role in battle. For example, Torbjorn and Bastion uses turrets for defensing points. Tanks charge in with armor such as D.VA, Reinhardt and Orisa. Offense heroes is similar to tanks. Support heroes play a part in winning the game. Symmetra could create teleporters and set up sentries. Mercy heals, damage boost and resurrect fallen heroes. Lucio abilities could speed up characters, heal and use offense. In this blog post, I will be talking about support heroes. I will tell you about some hot secrets about Overwatch support heroes. No team In Overwatch can’t function without support characters.


Overwatch Moria
Image: Blizzard Entertainment


Secret 5. Support character could have a sub-class. For example, Moria uses two orbs, purple is for offense and yellow for healing. She is classified as support but have the same traits of offense hero. Symmetra uses Sentry Turrets same as Torbjorn. Does it mean Symmetra a tank? She have a short range weapon for close combat like Moira. Ana have a defense sub class just like Widowmaker. She is sniper rifle that could put people to sleep, heals them and boost their ability. Brigitte is compared to a Tank than support. She plays similar to Reinheardt but lighter. Her abilities revolves short range combat and she heals. Brigitte ultimate provides additional armor to teammates. Support heroes doesn’t gated to one class but one or two.



Overwatch Support heroes are no weak



Secret 4. Support heroes shouldn’t be on the frontlines. What I mean is, due to their low damage and health. They’ve have stay in the back and support their teammates. Depending on how players take control of them. Some characters could make the frontlines but in general don’t.


Brigitte - Heroes - Overwatch
Image: Blizzard Entertainment


Secret 2. Support characters are getting bluff and watered down. Mercy is another example, she has two ultimates and reduce cooldown time. She was considered weak and a waterboy in Overwatch. Right now she is stronger than before. Blizzard reduce number of Symmetra sentry turrets and moving teleport into regular ability. Jeff Kaplan and his team of developers’ wants player have a great experience. They’ve listen to fan feedback and patch those characters to make it playable. Players may not like change but some embrace it.



Use support hero buddy system



Secret 1. Respect support heroes because they hold the team together. In regards of pushing the payload and capturing objective. You can’t rely on health packs to support the fight. What about your hero is a low damage and want a damage boost? Armor and protection is another way of supporting your teammates. Whether your hero could unitize these abilities, the team couldn’t win. Don’t look down on them because they’re low average. Support are here to stay and willing to assist you.


Overwatch Mercy
Image: Blizzard Entertainment



These are all 5 secrets of Overwatch support heroes. In total, there are 7 heroes that are vital in battle. My Overwatch favorite support heroes are Moira and Brigitte. Moria is a long and short range character. Yellow and Purple orbs turn the tide in battle. She is pretty much healer and attacker at once. Brigitte is Torbjorn and Reinhardt in one character. Her shield and mace pack a serious punch. She is a tank, support and defense class. Brigitte provides armor and heals teammates. Support heroes should you get praise for their hard work. Don’t you agree with me? Tell me what you think comment down below.



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